Maher Hassoun

ISPOR Chapter Lebanon, Communication Director

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ISPOR Chapter Lebanon, Communication Director


I have 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector;
Below is a brief about the most recent roles with the corresponding responsibilities

- Head of Market Access department (market access manager) of Levant and emerging markets at Abbvie. My vision was to lead and shape the healthcare environment within Levant and emerging markets by adapting to its complexity, partnering with governmental bodies and making the company medications, current and future, accessible to our patients through optimizing reimbursement conditions to end up being as patient centric company. Below is a summary of the major initiatives

  • Building and customizing value dossiers through using compelling messages for the targeted stakeholders
  • Building cost effectiveness and BI models
  • Develop and execute patient support, cost/risk sharing and access programs
  • Establish pricing and reimbursement strategies
  • Anticipate risks and identify opportunities to accordingly set the proper projects to optimize penetration and facilitate access


- My most recent role was Regional Country Manager of Mundipharma, Lebanon, Jordan & Syria. The key responsibilities of this role were:
- Managing the business at all levels
- Looking after financial and profitability tasks
- Managing and forecasting sales
- Setting strategies, brand portfolio management, pipeline management, marketing and logistics
- Accountable of the total annual expenses (organizational and non-organizational: OPEX & Capex)
- Setting the proper allocation of expenditure.

Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience in business and people management and development, acquired the desired leadership skills, having the expertise to deal with different suppliers, vendors and distributors.
At the academic side, I am a lecturer at Lebanese governmental university in Beirut of masters program at faculty of sciences named Market Access of Health Product, the main two courses that I am responsible for are the Introduction to Pharmaco Economics and Market Access.
I used to be involved in  speciasl topics program at University of San Joseph (USJ) in Beirut. Introduction to Pharmaco economics was the main course I am responsible for.
I was also a lecturer for 8 years at Beirut Arab University teaching Microbiology for undergraduates at faculty of Dentistry and and masters students at faculty of science. 


Master Degree in Microbiology in 2011 at Beirut Arab University BAU

Diploma in Biology in 2004 at Beirut Arab University BAU


Maher Hassoun