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Male infertility is found to be the source of the issue in about 20 percent of couples who have a difficult time conceiving naturally. Fortunately, there are treatment options for male infertility in Greenbelt & Silver Spring. Murdock Urology offers treatment for male infertility in PG County. Because the source of male infertility is generally easier to diagnose and the testing is less extensive than for women, it is common for infertility specialists to begin with testing for male factor infertility.

Male infertility in PG County can have several causes and an experienced and knowledgeable urologist can offer an accurate diagnosis. The first step is to evaluate the sperm for number, motility and shape to identify the source of the problem. Once the problem has been identified, we investigate the cause to find a treatment for specific causes of male infertility in Prince George’s County.

Our urologists will perform a comprehensive examination, including your health history and testing to diagnose the cause of male infertility in Bowie. Our doctors offer a variety of treatment options, depending on the origin of the problem. Dr. Myron Murdock and Dr. Jonas Murdock have many years of experience in the treatment of male infertility in Greenbelt.

The first step to overcoming male infertility in Laurel is to make an appointment with an urologist for an evaluation. Contact our office to schedule your appointment for a consultation with one of our urologists. New patients are asked to download and print the new patient forms prior to your appointment to save time and allow us to gather detailed information about your health history.