Richard Willke, PhD


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Dick became ISPOR’s first chief science officer in April 2016, following nearly 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer and its legacy companies. In his CSO role at ISPOR, Dick’s responsibilities are to develop, lead, support, and direct strategic initiatives related to research, scientific, and content priorities to accomplish the organization’s mission to promote health economics and outcomes research excellence to improve decision making for health globally. While with Pfizer, his final position was Vice President, Outcomes & Evidence, lead for Cardiovascular /Metabolic, Inflammation & Immunology, the last in a succession of HEOR group lead roles. He received a PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University in 1982, concentrating in econometrics and labor economics. Prior to joining Pfizer’s legacy company Upjohn in 1991, he was a member of the economics faculty at Ohio State University as well as a senior economist at the American Medical Association Center for Health Policy Research. 


Dick has served on the ISPOR Board of Directors (2007-09), was chair of the ISPOR Institutional Council in 2010, and was co-chair of the ISPOR Good Research Practices Task Force on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Randomized Clinical Trials in 2003-2005 as well as its 2014-15 reprise to revise and update that Report. He has co-taught many ISPOR short courses on this topic as well as on “Transferability of Cost-Effectiveness Data between Countries.” He was also a member of the Health Outcomes Committee of PhRMA from 1998-2009, having been its chair from 2002-2004. He has served as a co-editor for Value in Health, on the editorial board for Farmeconomia, on AHRQ, NIH, and PCORI project review study sections, and is current Chair of the Ohio State University Economics Advisory Board.  He has authored more than 100 scholarly publications that examine the science and methodologies of health economics and outcomes research.